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Thank You for Your Order

We just need a little information from you to fill your order.

Each product is listed below the submission form and the information is listed that we will need from you to fill your order. Some products require you to fill out a form to give us the details for your order. Please click the word HERE in the sentence and the form will be available to download. Then fill out the form and upload it in with any pictures or other necessary information. Please provide us ALL of the information that is listed for each product.


Please use this form to deliver all of your order information. Please email all documents and files to us directly at Sales@eLightningMedia.com.

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Uploading your pictures or larger files may take up to a few minutes or longer, please do not navigate away from this page. When submission is complete you will automatically be taken to the confirmation page.


Whiteboard Videos

Please click HERE to download the script template, fill it out, and upload it using the form above.

Slideshow Videos

Please specify the video style that you have purchased. Your video may contain up to 12 slides. Each slide will consist of 1 picture, or up to 2 lines of text which will be in this format:

Text- Heading (22 characters max) -Subheading (2nd line 30 characters max)

Picture– (file name)Typically the text slides will be used as first and last slides in the video. If you have a specific order please list that in submission form.

Promo Videos

Storm Video

There are 13 text spaces in this video, 4 slow scenes, 8 fast scenes, and 1 final scene.

Text for slow scenes should contain 1-4 words (4 slow scenes)
Text for fast scenes should contain 1-2 words (8 fast scenes)
Text for final scene should contain 1-2 wordsWords should be short enough to fit into the video format. Please CLICK HERE to refer back to the video.

All videos will be delivered in MP4 format and we will email you a link to download your video when it is completed.

By uploading pictures you signify that you have the rights to use the pictures and have consent of those in the pictures to use them. We will not be held liable for any copyright issues etc. No pornographic, racist, hateful, violent, or otherwise distasteful pictures will be allowed in your video. We reserve the right to deny service based on moral or ethic grounds, we deliver a very professional service, please respect that in your requests.

If you have any questions please include them in your message. We will make your video as quickly as possible, but please allow 5 business days for delivery.

Press Releases

Please click HERE to download the Press Release info form, fill it out, and upload it using the form above.

Internet Video Marketing

Please click HERE to download the Internet Video Marketing info form, fill it out, and upload it using the form above.