Wedding Videos From eLightning Media

Your wedding videos are the keepsake that you can easily share with friends and family so you can relive your perfect day again and again.

Wedding VideosWhy we make Quality wedding videos… Your wedding is a very special day, the day that you mark the beginning of your new life as a husband and wife with a love that will abide forever. Many women have been planning their perfect wedding since they were very young… from the cake to the exact look and feel of the dress. They want everything to be exquisite in every way and it truly is the day that they have dreamed of that is coming true with their prince charming.

Every detail of the day is planned and every decoration, dessert, and color has to be perfect. You hired a photographer to capture every moment of your perfect day so you will have these memories to cherish and hand down to your children and their children. They may offer to make your wedding slideshow video for you with these pictures… but you pay a premium price and the video that you get is the same Lame wedding slideshow video that they have been making since the 80’s! The label that they printed on their home printer will peel and get stuck in your player in no time. Why settle for a lame product when it is your hard earned money?

eLightning Media is the cure for the common wedding videos. We use cutting edge technology to transform your pictures into visual splendor! Take advantage of our professional video services so you can have the highest quality video possible. The process to get your premium quality wedding video is very simple and straight forward. Simply look at our sample videos below and decide which style you like, then follow the instructions below!

Perfect for:

  • Engagement Videos
  • Wedding Videos
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Just to Say “I Love You!”

eLightning Media Wedding Video Sample Styles

Roses and Amor

[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Roses and Amor”]


[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Reflections Wedding Video”]

Shades of Light

[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Shades of Light Wedding Video”]

Plush Paper

[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Plush Paper”]

Timeless Classic

[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Timeless Classic Wedding Video”]

Flowing Collage

[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Flowing Collage”]


[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Elegance Wedding Video”]

Eye Candy Effects

[wp_lightbox_special_mp4_video link=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ source=”” title=”Eyecandy Effects Wedding Video”]

Each of these exquisite eLightning Media wedding slideshow videos are 100% unique. Each style will have similar transitions, text display, and effects, to the sample videos but each of our wedding videos is completely unique. We have streamlined the process of making your wedding videos with our unique system, where you upload all of  your pictures and video info right on our website!

All you need to do is:

  • Choose your wedding video style
  • Choose your wedding video package
  • Click “Add To Cart”
  • Checkout
  • Upload your pictures and text
  • Tell us the songs that you would like

Then… Sit back and relax as we produce your High Definition wedding videos for you. We deliver all of our wedding videos in a downloadable MP4 Format that is a full 720p (BluRay quality) and we also create a professional pressed and printed DVD with full color sleeve and case (see samples below). eLightning Media is the one stop shop for the highest quality cutting edge wedding videos! See our packages and pricing in the table here, and there is more information on what each item includes farther down the page.

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Additional Items:

Wedding Videos

Additional Wedding Videos DVD Copies- $20 EA

Order extra copies of your professionally printed and manufactured DVD to give to family and friends!

Add to Cart

Video Clips

Additional Video clips- $20 EA

Add as many 10 second video clips to your video as you want for $10 each. These will be in addition to the pictures and text included in each package.

Add to Cart

Video Editing

Video Clip Cutting- $25 EA

We will cut a 10 second clip from your video (total video size will be 200MB or less so it can be easily uploaded when your pictures are submitted). Exact time in the video must be specified! Ex: 4:15- 4:25

Add to Cart

Explanation of Services for eLightning Media Wedding Videos

Photos or text slides- You will have 50 slides which can hold a picture or text. For best results use higher resolution pictures for your wedding videos as lower resolution pictures from cell phone cameras etc. may look grainy or distorted when enlarged in the video. Text slides have a larger heading text which you can have up to 22 characters, and a smaller subheading text that can be up to 30 characters long. Spaces count as characters for text slides. Please specify the order or the pictures and where you want the text slides inserted as well.

Songs- The number of songs allowed are determined by the length of the video and how many slides can be accommodated in that time frame. Just tell us what songs you would like to use for your wedding video in order of preference and we will provide the music for you at no extra cost. After checkout please include the exact title, artist, and if there is a certain version or mix that you would like in the message when you upload your pictures. Please include all of the details to make the process smoother and we are not guessing on the details. For wedding videos We suggest that you use songs that are around 3 1/2 minutes long.

Video Styles- At eLightning Media we offer the most stunning animations and best variety of styles for wedding videos. For the larger packages we will use a variety of styles to give a different look and feel to every song. Our state of the art animations are synced to the music, so why not shake the style of your wedding videos up a bit as well. If you would like a new style for each song just tell us what style you would like with with which song. (The Bliss package only includes 1 style).

Video Clips- For each video clip please include 1 video segment that is up to 10 seconds long. We will include this video clip in your wedding video in the same formatting as the pictures (refer to our intro video in each of our sample videos). Video clips must be submitted as a 10 second or shorter clip. We will cut out a 10 second clip from your video- see our additional services. Please specify where you would like your video clips inserted in your wedding slideshow video.

MP4 in 720p HD- Each of our wedding videos will be created in MP4 video format that is a 720p HD quality. This is a High Definition video that is Blu-Ray quality. When your video is completed we will send you an email with a link that you can click to download your wedding videos directly to your computer.

Uploaded to Our YouTube- We will also make your wedding videos available to you on YouTube as well. We will upload your video to our YouTube channel and send you the link so you can share that with your friends and family as well. If you decline this option, just say please don’t upload to YouTube in the video instruction message when you upload your pictures.

Professional DVD– Your wedding videos will be a keepsake that you and your family will cherish. We have included a professional DVD complete with professional quality color printing for the jacket insert and on the DVD itself. This is professional quality printing, not the do it yourself inkjet printing that you would see from most video creation companies. This option comes standard in each wedding video package. You can also order more copies of your wedding video, just look at the additional options section directly below the packages. Look at the sample pictures here.

Custom DVD Artwork- We create the custom artwork for your DVD to personalize your video jacket and DVD. This comes standard in each wedding video package.

If you have any additional questions or questions about our wedding videos services that were not answered here please feel free to click here to contact us and send us a quick message, we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. All pictures used on our sample videos and on this page were provided by our friends at Cypert Photo.

eLightning Media produces the highest quality wedding videos and wedding slideshow videos in the business!