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Boost your Google rank and your credibility with the social interaction from buying Google Plus 1 votes for your website today!


google plus 1Why buy Google Plus 1 Votes?

Do you want higher rankings in Google so you can create more exposure and make more money with your website? Don’t want the hassle of spending hours on a social networking website hoping to get people to go to your website and give you a positive vote? Would you like to look more attractive to people visiting your profile, and more importantly to the search engines? If so, eLightning Media  can help you to get a competitive advantage over your competition today by getting Google Plus 1 votes for your website!

Benefits of Google Plus 1 Votes

Google has made some updates to their search algorithm (that is geek speak for the formula they use to rank your website for your keywords in their search results) and they are weighing the social aspect much higher now. They want to see that other real people on the internet are finding your site useful and want to share it with their friends and associates.

eLightning Media Google Plus 1 Votes are real human users with accounts on their social network Google Plus that are sharing your website or webpage with their friends on that network. They are relaying that your content is of value, informative, or entertaining and that they should go to your site and see what you have posted there. By doing so they are sharing your website with other users on Google Plus which is boosting your websites credibility with Google and in turn helping your rankings in their search engine. You can save tons of time and money by letting us bring them to your website and get those Google Plus 1 votes for you effortlessly.

What Websites can I Use Google Plus 1 Votes On?

eLightning Media’s Google Plus 1 votes are excellent for any website that you have. They are also great to help your rankings on YouTube for your videos, or basically any webpage that has a Google Plus 1 button on it.

We are a professional company and only ask that you use our service in good taste. We will not allow this service to be used for websites with pornography, gambling, racist, illegal, spam, or other websites that are of questionable content. In so doing we are preserving our integrity and the integrity of our service.

How to Get Google Plus 1 Votes Now

Here is where the fun happens… Now decide which Google Plus 1 package you would like and we will help you take advantage of this great sevice that will help you dominate your competition! All that you have to do is to click on the package that you would like and after checkout you will be directed to a form where you will send us the URL that you would like your plus 1’s delivered to. We will send you confirmation when it is finished and you can see the results in the count right on your site. Just do the following:

  • Click the “Add To Cart” button for your preferred package
  • Checkout
  • Give us the url for your website or YouTube video
  • Sit back and relax while we deliver your Google Plus 1 votes on your page.

 Google Plus 1 Packages


Plus 1- Storm

  • 100% human Google Plus 1 votes
  • Excellent for your Google rankings
  • 150 Google Plus 1 Votes
  • Votes on up to 3 urls



Plus 1- eLightning

  • 100% human Google Plus 1 votes
  • Excellent for your Google rankings
  • 500 Google Plus 1 Votes
  • Votes on up to 5 urls




More Google Plus 1 info…

The Google Plus 1 Nuts and Bolts

As we know, Google has been trying to compete with Facebook and they have rolled out their own “Social Network” Google +. Millions of people who want to socialize and catch up with old friends, neighbors, and classmates have turned to Facebook to do this and it is a huge source of revenue for them. Facebook has hundreds of millions of users throughout the world and besides having a huge fan base they make great money from their targeted advertising.

Google wants to take a share of Facebook’s market and they are leveraging their search results to help them with this. Google has name recognition, but they did not have a social platform that would become a new way of generating more income until the created Google Plus. They have also changed their algorithm (formula to rank websites) to weigh heavily utility and social interaction on your website. Many sites have the Facebook “Like” button, Tweet button, and many other ways to share your content with their friends and followers. With the creation of Google Plus, they have also come out with a Google Plus 1 button so you can click on the button and share the webpage with their friends on Google +.

Since Google makes the rules for search results, they have decided to place more weight on Google Plus 1 votes. To get the competitive advantage you need to be using the Google Plus 1 button on your website, and then you need to get people to give you Google Plus 1 votes as well. Google knows that it is not easy to get these votes so they using them to sift out the websites of value and give them a higher ranking than other sites that are not giving them the social proof that they are quality websites.

Other Great Uses For Our Google Plus 1 Service

The obvious use for your Google Plus 1 votes is on your own website to help your rankings, but where else are you posting content on the internet? This is also a great compliment for many of our other web marketing services. If you purchased our Internet Video Marketing services and are trying to rank in YouTube search for competitive keywords this will give you a boost as well. YouTube has a share button under every video and they have a Google Plus 1 button there as well. Just like on your website, people can share your YouTube video on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Getting Google Plus 1 votes on your YouTube video will give you a great competitive advantage in the YouTube search results as well, which often come up high in the Google search results. This is just a little insider trick for those of you who want to dominate your competition. If you get the Internet Video Marketing- eLightning package, you will have a total of 20 accounts on the most popular video websites, and with 2 videos each there will be a total of 40 video pages that you can use this service for to dominate on all of them. This may be overkill, but you see the possibilities of the power that eLightning Media’s services offer.

Now that we have let you in on all of these great secrets and uses for Google Plus 1, decide which package you would like and don’t hesitate, buy it NOW! The power for your success is right here, let us help you achieve the results that you need to grow your business and brand by purchasing eLightning Media’s Google Plus 1 service NOW.