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Internet Video Marketing Services

Propel your business with our powerful Internet Video Marketing services

Internet Video MarketingOnline Video Marketing is Powerful

You have a website because you want it to be a tool for your business that will make you more money, our internet video marketing services can help. We save you time and money by creating promo videos for you that will present you professionally to your audience, and then use our secret formula to get them great exposure on the internet. This will help them come up higher in the YouTube search results (and in turn Google’s search as well) to drive targeted traffic to your website and help you make money. Save tons of time and hassle with eLightning Media’s professional internet video marketing services that are done for you!

Thrust yourself into the limelight and get you in front of potential customers who are looking for your products, services, or whatever you may be offering. If you want to get targeted traffic inexpensively, you need to be utilizing video in your website and your online marketing. eLightning Media’s video marketing services is the powerful solution!

Benefits of eLightning Media Internet Video Marketing Services

Many people have become frustrated by internet video marketing because they have not done it right. May people have made videos for their business and put them on YouTube. Some of you may have paid a Yellow page company or other service to create a video and upload them to YouTube, but they are buried on page 10 of YouTube’s search and they are never seen. YouTube is the second highest volume search engine on the internet second only to Google. There are millions of unique views every day and viewers stay on the site an average of 30 minutes at a time. People are searching for what you have to offer, you just have to get you into a position that you can be seen.

It is imperative that you optimize your website for your keywords in Google, but with our Internet Video Marketing services we include optimizing your videos for YouTube’s search engine as well. Then with our powerful video marketing we help to give them a boost in the search results in YouTube. Once we have created this visibility there is also the possibility that people will share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking and bookmarking sites, they can also embed your videos in other websites as well which will increase your exposure and add to the viral nature of internet videos. None of this happens though if you are buried in the search results, that is why our internet video marketing service is so powerful.

What Our Internet Video Marketing Services Include

eLightning Media provides internet video marketing services that includes creating 1 professional slideshow videos for you and then create your own Channel on YouTube and upload these to your new channel. Optimizing them for YouTube’s search engine is one of our Internet Video Marketing services that will increase your exposure and allow you get the targeted website traffic that you need. We create the links to your website so your viewers can click the link and be taken straight to the relevant webpage to learn more and buy your stuff! We can even customize your channel with a personalized background that we design using your logo.

We can also create professional presentations using your articles and put them into video format with background music. This is great because you can use articles or website content that you have already and use the expert positioning that you have created and present it professionally in another format.

You can also choose to have the “eLightning Media Effect” for your internet video marketing, which is that we also create additional accounts on an additional 19 of the most popular video websites and post your videos to them as well. Thus making your 2 videos become 40 videos! This is a very powerful way to get in front of your customers and bring massive targeted traffic to your website! Click below to order and let our internet video marketing start working for you NOW!

Internet Video Marketing Services From eLightning Media

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eLighting Media has the most professional and effective Internet Video Marketing services! Click the “Add To Cart” button on the package that you would like and get started with our internet video marketing today!

The Nuts and Bolts of Our Internet Video Marketing Services

Video marketing with YouTube is a great phenomenon where people use videos to drive traffic to their websites and increase the popularity of their business and brand. YouTube marketing has created many celebrities, musicians, launched political campaigns, and brought tons of exposure to people and their businesses. But many people never see success with YouTube because they upload their videos and they are never seen because they never rise in YouTube’s search engine. They get frustrated and think that they have just wasted a bunch of money and time on something that will not work for them. Tons of people are having great success with their YouTube marketing, and with our internet video marketing services you will get exposure and have the competitive advantage over your competition.

YouTube is owned by Google and you have to optimize your website to get higher rankings in Google, you have to optimize your videos for higher rankings in YouTube’s search results as well. We are experts in optimizing your videos for YouTube’s search engine so that you can achieve great results. As part of our internet video marketing we give them just what they are looking for and what they weigh when considering which videos to rank the highest in their search results.

The magic of our internet video marketing is just that… the marketing! We promote your video with views, likes, and comments which will help to elevate you in the search results. This shows YouTube that you are not only relevant, but you are becoming popular and deserve a higher ranking! This internet video marketing done right!

We also put links to your website in your video descriptions and in your Channel as well. These are live links that people watching your video can click and be taken directly to your webpage where they can learn more, contact you, or buy your product or service. This is an excellent source of targeted traffic because they have just viewed your video that has information about what you have to offer and they want to know more about you. Your internet video marketing is not complete if they cannot seamlessly be funneled back to your website!

For our eLightning package we take the 2 videos that we have created, put them on your new YouTube channel, and then create accounts on another 19 of the most popular video websites and upload them to these accounts as well. So that is 2 videos on 20 video websites… that makes you 2 videos become 40 videos! That is very powerful! That is how eLightning Media does internet video marketing.

If you would like to propel your marketing to a whole new level, click on one of our packages above and let’s get started on your internet video marketing today!