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Social Media Marketing Services

Get new customers and position yourself as the authority in your field with eLightning Media’s Social Media Marketing Services


SN Slider pngSocial Networking has become a way of life for millions of people and it is an integral part of our social media marketing services. Build your name recognition and allow people to share information about your business or website with their friends or followers, and each of them can share with their friends or followers also… hence your videos, websites, and other info can go viral very quickly! Social Networking is a great way to bring targeted website traffic and increase your exposure and sales. People post that they are at a certain restaurant, doctors office, listening to a certain song, or staying at a certain hotel by the beach.


If you want people to promote you it helps to be part of the conversation. Our social media marketing services leverage Social Networking to engage your audience where they are now and they don’t have to leave to find you. When you are good to your clients or provide a great service, they will reward you and tell all of their friends what a wonderful experience that they had, and other great reviews. It takes word of mouth advertising to extreme levels that it is great to tap into!

LinkedIn-1We now offer Custom profile creation for LinkedIn!

With each SMMS eLightning Package purchase we will create a great basic profile for you or your business and then increase your credibility by getting you connections from other professionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great site to connect with other business owners, managers, and professionals who can help you create a vast network to promote yourself and your business.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to connect with other people and businesses who are looking for the products and services that you offer. Meetups and local networking meetings have been excellent resources to connect with other professionals and get exposure and leads for your business. Take that to a higher level as you connect with a local and global audience and promote yourself and your business to people who want to buy and tell their friends about the excellent service you provide! If you are looking to hire you can also use it as a recruiting tool get the best of the best to work for you!

eLightning Media will employ our social media marketing services to give you a quick start and get you moving in the right direction! Our Social Networking will make you look professional and hit the  ground running.


eLightning Media’s Social Media Marketing Services- Social Networking Packages

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