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You spend many hours and or lots of money trying to get people to your website to view your product or service, but you need to explain what it is and why they need it… and then why they should buy it from you. Whiteboard videos are the most effective way to get your audience to pay attention because they are captivated by watching the hand drawn pictures and can’t wait to see what will be drawn next.

Whether your video is for sales/ marketing, education, training, or whatever your needs, eLightning Media creates the complete whiteboard videos start to finish.   Our professional writers create the script with a strong call to action at the end. Our team of voice over artists create professional voice overs that are sure to enhance your script in a clear and concise way. Then we create a storyboard with the images that will be used for your doodle drawing video, and email it to you for your approval. Then our artists create your custom video and render it in full 1280x 720 HD and send you a link to view it and approve the final video. After you approve the video we send you a download link so you can download it and use it for your marketing needs.

Each video includes:

eLightning Media Script IconScript Writing

After checkout you will give us some information about the video that you would like created and then we use that information to craft an excellent script that will explain your product, service, etc. and have a strong call to action at the end.

Voice Over

After the script is approved our professional voice artists will record a compelling voice over that will catch the viewers attention and entertain them as the images are being drawn.


We create a storyboard that will show each scene of your video with the proposed images and how they layout in the scene. Once you approve of the storyboard then we will move to final production of your video.

Background Music

Premium Background music is included included as a standard option for every video that we make.

Completed HD Whiteboard Video

Once the final video is produced  we will provide a download link and you will receive your custom
Whiteboard Video in full 1080p format and 50 frames per second!


For each video ordered we complete everything listed above for a 1 minute video. To order additional minutes or additional videos simply click the “Add to Cart” button and change the quantity to  the number of minutes that you would like. Each video is sold in 1 minute increments.



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Multiple Minutes?

*To add additional minutes or additional videos to your package just click the Add to Cart button below the Whiteboard Videos. Change the Quantity to the number of additional minutes that you would like. Each video must be at least one minute long.

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Brief Portfolio

“The team at eLightningMedia.com did an incredible job of bringing our story to life and simplifying our value proposition to our clients and partners through their brilliant illustrated and narrated whiteboard videos. This is just the first of many videos to come for us and I am excited to see what they are going to cook up for us next”!
Bryan D. Ells, Principal WE insurance

“Our whiteboard video speaks for itself! eLightning Media delivered our message in a stunning format and we have been getting rave reviews from our viewers.”
Marcus- SanDiegoBusinessReview.com

“With just a rough outline of the message I wanted conveyed via “Whiteboard,” eLightning Media composed a compelling, moving, and professional product. The message is clearly given. The artwork is consistent with the message. I highly recommend eLightning Media
Steve Love- Attorney at Law

Script Writing

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